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Umbrella Program – The Eden Rose Chapter of The Links, Inc.


The Umbrella Program

East Bay Bible Church
11200 Golf Links Rd.
Oakland, CA. 94605

Second and 4th Tuesdays 6:00-7:30

The mission of the Eden Rose Chapter of the Links, Inc. Girls Mentorship Series is to impact and make a positive difference in the lives of adolescent girls in the community. Improving self-esteem and providing practical tools for daily living during these formative years optimizes the opportunity for girls to reach their highest potential. Through a holistic approach that encompasses body, mind and spirit, interconnectedness is fostered by instilling the core values of resourcefulness, honesty, and self-assuredness.

This is accomplished by the continued interaction with a professional network of caring adults that will serve as role models and mentors. Selected activities will consist of activities involving the five Links facets: International Trends, National Trends, The Arts, Health and Human Services, and Services to Youth. Links signature programs are based on research-based community needs assessments. The activities will be structured to enrich the core goals of the Girls scouts while aligning with the Links mission.


Girls Mentorship Series

  • UNIT 1:
    • Introduction to the SAT
  • UNIT 2:
    • Financial Literacy and Cost Consciousness
    • Budgeting & Comparison Shopping
  • UNIT 3:
    • International Community Outreach
  • UNIT 4:
    • Poster Arts Contest
  • UNIT 5:
    • Nutrition and Cuisine
    • Diet and Hert Health